Checkpoint S checkweigher


Today’s technology for production control and quality assurance

Checkpoint S checkweighers are designed for the bottom line, offering economy of price and throughput up to 130 pieces/minute.

Checkpoint S is an uncomplicated system that provides fast, easy checking of the nominal weight of packages. These checkweighers offer the high level of accuracy needed to ensure packaged items are within specified limits and can automatically remove packages with incorrect weights from the flow of production.

A user-friendly LCD touch-screen simplifies operation. The following master data can be displayed and adjusted from the operating control unit: statistics, production, product, systems and service information.

Production data is recorded and can be printed directly by an optional thermal printer or downloaded via the Smartfile System. Data stored on a portable Smartcard can be printed or stored on a PC. A connection to a Centronics printer is also possible.

Operational Features

  • 100% production monitoring of products to ensure they meet the minimum weight or average weight requirements with production documentation
  • Rejection of out-of-tolerance products
  • 5 weight classes for under, accept and over classification
  • 25 PLUs (incorporates all relevant information required for the assigned product)
  • Touch screen simple, menu-guided operation
  • 3 password protected user levels
  • 3 different working height ranges
  • Right to left or left to right work flow
  • Simple belt and conveyor change, no tools required
  • Wear-free DC brushless motors with degree of protection to IP65
  • Compact design for easy integration into production lines
  • Line synchronization with isolated relay contacts:
    • Remote start (input)
    • Weighing mode (output)
    • Error (output)
  • Standard Configuration
    • Stainless steel (AISI 316) housing with integrated control system
    • Display/control unit with touch screen
    • 3 transport conveyors (infeed, weighing and outfeed conveyor)
    • 1 sorting device, mounted to the mainframe (pusher or air blast)